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    Interview with Glenn Hall - Freaksurfmag Surf

    Interview with Sooruz new team rider Glenn " Micro" Hall

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    Glenn Hall - Interview with freaksurfmag - Vendée Pro 2010

                                                    Photo credit : Johann Mouchel

    "I met Soöruz new teamate Glenn Hall a.k.a "Micro". It was in la Sauzaie, during the Protest Vendée Pro 4 stars. Micro took the second place. This guy is small in size but B.I.G in talent. Powerfull surfer, he can boost airs too. After a good season last year, he's making a great start this season. Micro...on the way to the Dream Tour..."


    Glenn Hall - Interview with freaksurfmag - Vendée Pro 2010

    Freaksurf Mag : Hey Glenn, but where does this nickname of " Micro come from " ?

    Glenn Hall : My nickname was given to me when i was really young and just started surfing (about 10 years old). The local surfers just started calling me micro. And it stucks.

    FSM : Where do you actually live ? And where do you really come from ?

    G H
    : My home beach in Oz is Umina Beach in NSW. I grew up there and now spend the year between there and France and Ireland when i can get there between comps.

    FSM : As we consider yourself as Irish, does it still hard to be European on Tour ?

    G H : No its not hard being european. I already get along with everyone on tour, so all the europeans are really nice guys and have been really good to me. And my aussie friends who i grew up with are still my friends so it's no different at all really.

    FSM : A word on your european sponsor SOÖRUZ ?

    G H : I signed with a really good management company called initial 7 and Herve from the company worked out the deal for me. Herve was really smart and Sooruz were interested so they spoke and worked out a good deal. Sooruz have been amazing.i went in and met them and they are all really cool guys running a really cool company. So i'm so stoked to be working with them and helping to promote sooruz.

    : 2009 was a good year for you: 3rd place at Zarautz, Pantin and Newquay.
    Quarter de final at Sunset Beach Hawaii WQS 6* Prime.
    Top 20 WQS World Ranking.
    3rd WQS Europe 2009

    G H : Yeah last year was a good year.i could look at the year in two different ways. Negative- i fell just a heat away from qualifying. Or i can look at it possitively- i had some great results and ended the year really close to qualifying. So i try and be positive and think it was a good year.

    FSM : Amazing start this year with your victory on the Burton Toyota Pro, and a final on this Protest Pro , you seem very confident this year?

    G H : Yeah ive had a good start with the win in newcastle and this final at the Vendée Pro. So it was good to get some confidence at the start of the year. But the big points are in the 6 star prime events. So i need to do well in those.

    FSM : Did you make a special training for this season ?

    G H : I have been training hard. boxing. Mountain bike riding everyday. Core stregthening work. Stretching, and just surfing loads. Its been good.

    : Do you think the asp new format is good for every body?

    G H
    : I think the new format has pros and cons. It will all be good a few years down the track . But i think there will be a few cracks in the new system that will need to be fixed along the way.

    : What's your goal for this year ?

    G H : My goal this year is just to keep working hard and get some good results,photos and exposure. And my ultimate goal is to qualify for the wct. So i need results in the prime events.

    Thank you mate see you in Europe !


    Interview and Photo credit : Johann Mouchel