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    Nick LEWIS WakeBoard

    Nick lewis sooruz wake team 2010

    A few words to describe yourself : funny, special :P always happy
    Date of birth : 10/08/1992
    Nickname : Cookie, Curtis
    Where do you come from : Hamburg, Germany
    When did you start wakeboarding : summer 2006
    Sponsors : SOÖRUZ / O'Brien

    Your Favorite board : O'Brien Valhalla 138
    Your Favourite trick(s) : KGB, S-Mobe, Bel Air
    Your Favorite rider : Rene Konrad
    Home spot : Hamburg Pinneberg
    Favorites spots : Hip-Notics, Home
    Your trips around the world : HIP-NOTICS 5 times, and the US alot
    Best Results in competition : 1st EWPS Overall 2009 Jr. Men
    Results for 2009 :  1st EWPS, 6th CWWT Final Stop
    Projects for 2010 :  Travel a lot and have fun fun fun
    Hobbies :   Wakeboarding, Icehockey, Snowboard & filming + editing
    Favorite food :  Pizza
    Music you listen :  Hip Hop !

    Philosophy:  If you can't remember the last night, you know it was either incredibly good or really really bad! :D


    Nick lewis sooruz wake team 2010

    Nick lewis sooruz wake team 2010

    Nick lewis sooruz wake team 2010