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    Sophie CORDERY WakeBoard

    sophie cordery sooruz wakeboard team 2010

    A few words to describe yourself : Funny, likes a laugh =)
    Date of birth :  23/09/93
    Nickname : Soph
    Where do you come from : England
    When did you start wakeboarding : about 5 years ago at the age of 11
    Sponsors : Sooruz, Jbski

    Your Favorite board : Jstar Max 131
    Your Favourite trick(s) : toeside 360
    Your Favorite rider : CK Koester and Nico Von Lerchenfeld
    Home spot : Jbski, Thorpe England.
    Favorites spots : Hip-Notics - Turkey.  Blue rock - South Africa
    Your trips around the world : Turkey, America, South Africa and Europe.
    Best Results in competition : 2nd world championships 2008 Girls, 1st at Final stop of WWA Europe tour 2009 Pro ladies
    Results for 2009 : 1st- Final stop of WWA Europe tour, 3rd Fosters cup, 6th Europeans in Finland, 2nd in 10ft high series.
    Projects for 2010 : Win lots of competitions and travel to different countries
    Hobbies :  Wakeboarding, Facebook, Sleeping.
    Favorite food : Paella
    Music you listen : anything... Im Yours - Jason Mraz


    sophie cordery sooruz wakeboard team 2010

    sophie cordery sooruz wakeboard team 2010