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    ainhoa Garcia Pallarés - New Comer Kite


    sooruz kitesurf Ainhoa 2010

    A few words to describe yourself : Happy person, who lives with illusion for and for the sport with many aims(lenses) even that to fulfill
    Date of birth : 08-10-74
    Nickname : Ainhoa
    Where do you come from : cádiz, spain
    When did you start kikeboarding : 2003
    Sponsors : Ayuntamiento de Cádiz, Airush, Sooruz

    Your Favorite board : Surfboard Airush Converse 5"6
    Your Favourite trick(s) : Surf on waves
    Your Favorite rider : So many rider of diferents sports, Ben wilson like kiteboarder on waves, for example
    Home spot : tarifa, Baleario
    Favorites spots : world
    Your trips around the world : India, New Caledonie, New Zeland, Brasil, Marruecos, Europa
    Best Results in competition : 2006 world champion waves, 2007 world champion freestyle, 2008 2ª Overall World Cup, 2009 Spanish Champion 2º Race Sylt World Cup, 3º waves Santa Crauz World Cup

    Projects for 2010 : European Tour, PKRA Race, some Isaf race ,,,,,winner!!!
    Hobbies : Windsurf, surf, bike, travel ,,,,live!!!!
    Favorite food : Spicy and salads
    Music you listen : everthing, in this time Soul