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Trip to Hip-Notics

In the last week of October I did a little trip to Hip-Notics, in Antalya (Turkey) before I
went to Croatia to meet the other guys of the Team for the “Croatian Wake Trip”.
Hip-Notics is just about half an hour away from the airport in Antalya and a paradise
for Wakeboarders all over Europe. This was my 3rd time going there so I know what
I’m talking about, just go there and see your self.


As the last 3 times I went there for training and to enjoy the end of the season, since
they still had a daily temperature of 30°C :D When I got there I met Sophie Cordery
and her family and Nelly Mance from and her husband, they all came
over from England to have some nice vacations. Us, and about 15 other people,
where the only people there, so you can imagine how perfect the conditions were for
me to practice some new tricks. Because although the Turkish people there live a
very relaxed lifestyle, it doesn’t matter how many people want to ride, you just have
to tell them that you would like to go for a session and in 5 to 10 minutes there is an
operator waiting for you.

But that is not the best about this place. It doesn’t matter what wish you have, you
just have to ask and the team from Hip-Notics will try to help you. !!
In addition to wakeboarding and sleeping all day, you will also have the possibility to
go to some other places that the cable. We went to “Side”, a small tourist town that is
around 30 minutes away from the cable. We made a little walk around and went into
a small bar called “Jungle Bar”, which was not a good decision. The only thing good
about that place was, that the bar itself looks pretty chilly. But as soon as we ordered
some cocktails, that sign “Buy 1, get 1 free” looked very attractive, we recognized
that it means very bad cocktails. All of them tasted like water with a little taste but
nothing with alcohol or near to a good cocktail. Anyway the trip to the town was good,
we continued our walk and found a really nice club, although it was pretty empty due
to offseason, were we had a couple of beers. Effes is great !

Also you can go go-carting and to a Hamam also called Turkish bath, there you have
to go, it is perfect to relax from all the wakeboard stress ;)
In the week I was there I made a little video, for which Sophie and the other guys
who were there helped me filming. Just take a look at it, almost all the tricks in this
video I learned there during the week, so you see how perfect the conditions are
there for practice, this is also want you can see in the little video the guys from made, who I met there.
All in all my week at hip-Notics was great, I had so much fun, learned a lot of new
tricks and enjoyed the time there, I can’t wait to go back!


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