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Julian Hosp revient de Zafarana ! Kite



Julian nous raconte son trip à Zafarana en Egypte où il a profité du vent et du soleil. Son récit...





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For the latest Freestyle Video of Fone their 5 Freestyle riders with me among them, went for 10 days North-Egypt  at the Fone Station of Ibis&Friends at the Red Sea in Zafarana. Besides the brand new boards we of course had plent of other luggage and so we were supposed to pay over 600€ overweight. Gladly after several discussions we convinced the airline to take us without charging too much !


Joining us were 4 cameraman and fotographers with brand new equipment and a Super-HD-Slow-Motion-Cam. 10 days in Zafarana flew by like nothing. Except of one day we had wind for 14 or smaller every day. And 2 days I was even over on my 5.5. Pretty great average, and that day off was every nice to chill. We got awesome action on the water, getting lost of hours of filming and pictures. The whole Team challenged itself to push it to the next level and produced some nice Freestyle.


The climax was for sure the session with the dolphins. Their colony swims by in Zafarana on a regular basis and to get the chance to swim and kite with these amazing animals was for sure one of the best experiences in my life. But also my sessions on the 5.5 in 45 knoots with extremelu high Megaloop took everything out of me that I had ! All in all trip was really great and the whole team harmonized super well.


The video should be finished Mid-May... I am super excited to see how it will get ! A big thanx to the Fone Station of Ibi and Kikki in Zafarana for the hospitality and to the whole Fone Teal for the great trip and for taking me up into their family so well !


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